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Become the leader you are meant to be;
not the one you've been conditioned to be. 

Meet Jen Nguyen

Jen's Core Values

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You’re a leader who dreams of making an impact and living a fulfilling life.


You've attended the webinars and listened to podcasts. You've got the degrees; or maybe you don't!  Regardless of the specifics, your commitment social and racial justice and to being the best leader you can be is clear.


But you're struggling.  You're overwhelmed.  You're not clear on what you want to do.  You mind is spinning.  And it's starting to show.  


Your current approach is a one-way ticket to burnout. You’re trying to figure this out on your own, but it’s just too much.  

Your vision of leadership and life

can become your reality!


You just need some amazing coaching.  I'm not going to promise you it's all roses, but I will promise a secure, non shaming, accountable, supportive relationship where I will coach you through the important work of discovering, clarifying, and implementing your vision for your life & leadership towards justice and liberation


Working with me is deep work and is not for the faint of heart, and the transformation is totally worth it. 


You don't have to stay stuck feeling:  

  • Consumed with doubt

  • Alone and disconnected

  • Unclear 

  • Ashamed

You can learn to:

  • Deepen your self awareness and raise your consciousness   

  • Trust the wisdom of your body

  • Handle the flood of emotions that otherwise inhibit growth

  • Gain confidence and clarity

  • Make conscious decisions instead of continuing to default


If you're ready to life the life you were created to have and have the impact you are here to make,                                              


My clients...

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Check me out...


Podcast:  What Are You?
Episode:  Who's gonna take the weight?


Event: SecondAct Women
Episode: Morning Coffee 

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"Create the change the world needs by creating the change within yourself."

- Layla F. Saad

My Clients
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