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Coaching & Strategic Advising

Become the leader you were created to be
not the one you've been conditioned to be.

Coaching & Advising

Coaching & Strategic Advising

  • Gain clarity and confidence by intentionally evolving your leadership to meet the evolved nature of the challenges you face

  • Build practices to support you to successfully navigate the complexity of leadership:​

    • hold power carefully and intentionally 

    • make values-aligned decisions with confidence

    • metabolize experiences towards growth instead of hardening

  • Learn useful leadership frameworks and tools​

  • Have a safe and accountable space to develop nuanced anti-oppressive leadership practices and ways of being  ​

  • 100% confidential


My coaching incorporates the following leading-edge practices

  • Neuroleadership: the science underpinning the reciprocal relationship between your inner and outer world

  • Shadow Work: the process of exploring parts of you that are outside of your current awareness

  • Contemplative Practices: the slowing down to cultivate your awareness of and tolerance for being present with the leadership challenges you face 

  • Embodiment: the tapping into the nuanced ways your body communicates with you so you can accurately interpret its messages to shift away from stress or trauma induced reactivity 

  • Mindfulness: the expansion of your capacity to intentionally direct your attention while withholding judgment so you can accurately assess a situation or challenge before taking action

100% of clients report becoming a better leader as a result of coaching

100% of clients recommend working with Jen 

100% of clients
met their coaching  goals 

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