About Jen Nguyen

I believe the best version of the world starts with the best version of you!

My Core Values


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As a coach, I  blend traditional and unconventional approaches and practices to support leaders so they, in turn, can do the important work of leading transformation within their teams and organizations.  Despite their demanding jobs, my clients hold their coaching time sacred and report it is where they develop instrumental practices to center, gain clarity, and develop self awareness.  This is why I founded Evolve Coaching & Consulting - because every leader needs and deserves this sacred space.


At my core I am a seeker and a guide.  I have toggled the line between what I call the traditional - socially validated, conditioned ways of being and knowing - and the unconventional - eccentric, underestimated ways of being and discovering - for as long as I can remember.  I come from a father who was a nuclear engineer - logical, a lover of facts, and very direct and clear - and a mother who was (and is still) very much a free spirit - spontaneous, everchanging, creative and even a bit woo.    


I have pursued traditional avenues for development - I have a Master's degree, have done various fellowships, and have held senior executive leadership roles.  I have also pursued less conventional avenues for development - I am a Certified Transformational Coach, and I have participated in one-on-one and group coaching as a client with coaches, healers, thought leaders, and activists.  I have developed practices that support me to leverage the wisdom of my body, slow down, and re-center. 


It is a struggle to stay true to our true nature that includes non-dual, embodiment, and contemplative practices because these do not align with what the Western world mirrors back to us as examples of strong leadership.  At times as a leader I defaulted to my own social conditioning and embodied contrived urgency, perfectionism, and dehumanizing ways of being and prioritized outcomes over humanity.  This led to feeling disconnected, dissatisfied, overwhelmed, and like my mind was always racing because I couldn't think my way out. 


It also meant I wasn't living into my own vision  for leadership.  It wasn't until I began working with a coach that I clarified my own vision for leadership and learned to value it, center it, and take action based on it, which transformed my relationships, my leadership my impact, and my life outside work.  I invite you to join me in this pursuit of a more holistic, humanized form of leadership that I believe the world is calling us into. 

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Coaching for Transformation

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