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I believe the best version of the world starts with the best version of you!

My Core Values


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Coaching for Transformation

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As a coach, I  blend traditional and progressive approaches and practices to support leaders so they, in turn, can do the important work of leading transformation within their teams and organizations.  Despite their demanding jobs, my clients hold their coaching time sacred and report it is where they develop instrumental practices to center, gain clarity, and deepen their self awareness.  In these unprecedented times, the old model of hero leader is no longer useful and is certainly not healthy.  This is why I founded Evolve Coaching & Consulting - because every leader needs and deserves a sacred space to grapple, access wellness, and evolve intentionally.  


I have pursued traditional avenues for development - I have a Master's degree, have participated in numerous leadership fellowships, and have held executive leadership roles.  I have also pursued less conventional avenues for development - I am a Certified Transformational Coach, and I have participated in one-on-one and group coaching as a client with coaches, healers, thought leaders, and activists.  I am a Certified Mindfulness practitioner and have extensive training in the role of mindfulness and embodiment in leadership. 


When we as leaders live into our true nature as humans, we embrace non-dualistic thinking; we are in conscious relationship with our embodied inner wisdom; and we engage in contemplative practices that open the space we need to be effective.  Because these do not align with what the Western world mirrors back to us as examples of strong leadership, it is easy to feel lost and to be out of our center. 


In my first executive role in a complex system, I defaulted to my own social conditioning and embodied contrived urgency, perfectionism, and dehumanizing ways of being that prioritized outcomes over humanity.  I am not proud of this, and yet, it is an important part of my story.  I felt disconnected, dissatisfied, and overwhelmed.   My mind was always racing because I couldn't think my way out of all that I was encountering.  I felt responsible for all the spinning plates, when what I really wanted was to feel like yoda - wise and grounded.    


I clearly wasn't living into my own vision  for leadership, and it was spilling over into the rest of my life.  I needed partnership to make the kind of changes I needed, so I began working with my coach, and our partnership has changed - and continues to change my life.  It's not always easy, and it definitely takes time, but I do know that transformation is possible because I have experienced it in my own life.


I invite you to join me in this pursuit of transformation toward a more holistic, humanized form of leadership that I believe the world is calling us into. You deserve it - we all do.

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