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Are you grateful for this moment of wider-spread racial awakening but struggling to find your place in it as a white woman+?​​ 

Anti-Racist Practices For
The Mind, Body & Soul

A six week cohort coaching experience for progressive white women+ to develop intentional practices that disrupt white supremacy culture in themselves and in their lives.


Build a practice of noticing and naming aspects of white supremacy conditioning. 


Metabolize the emotions that white supremacy triggers in you to access & integrate deeper insights before taking action. 


Discover your life outside the ways you've  been conditioned as we create a white, anti-racist cultural legacy.

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Results you can expect...

Explore how to leverage your core values as a tool to recognize your conditioning and disrupt white supremacy culture  

Learn to metabolize big, negative emotions in a healthy and productive way

Become more confident speaking about oppression, race and racism  

Develop a nuanced ability to name, explain, and address aspects of white conditioning and white supremacy culture  

Develop a foundational embodiment practice necessary for anti-racist work

Develop skills to consciously choose anti-racist thoughts, behaviors, and ways of being

Become part of a deep, caring community of women identified folks where you will be supported and held accountable

Hear From Past Participants

Hear From Past Participants


Recommend participating in this experience


Felt they got what they paid for


Were more confident speaking up about issues of white supremacy​​, race, and oppression

“I am completely bought into your framework.  Truly.  I think about it and use it all the time.”

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