Jen Nguyen
Co-creating Transformation

I am a seeker, a guide, and a leader who is continually building my own practices of unlearning the ways of my own social conditioning as a white, cisgender, able-bodied, woman.  


Clients find me to be an authentic and ever-evolving human who is warm, intuitive, and who is an alternative thinker who enables the clarity and support they need to disrupt rather than uphold the dominant, oppressive paradigms that our world is calling for an end to.

I believe collective transformation begins with transforming ourselves, our teams, and our organizations.


Jen Nguyen
Founder, Evolve Coaching & Consulting

Coaching & Strategic Advising

We work together to uncover your goals and build practices to achieve them through a blend of coaching techniques and strategic advising.  You will learn to navigate complexity with grounded clarity and grace.

Organizational Coaching & Facilitation

When you are ready to build an organization that is inclusive internally and externally, we  help make that happen by designing highly engaging, embodied learning that translates into shared practices and actionable steps. 

Stand Up Meeting

Transformational Coaching for
Collective Impact

Grow your self-awareness, raise your consciousness, and deepen trust with customized plans that dismantle social conditioning to
develop inclusive leadership.


My Clients

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"Jen understands the complexity of leadership and the high stakes moments that leaders constantly navigate.  Having her as an experienced coach in my corner to support me around strategic moves and communication has allowed me to both have  a safe space to grapple and to show up as my best self when I most need to."

                                            - Senior Manager

Jen in Action


Podcast:  What Are You?
Episode:  Who's gonna take the weight?


Event: SecondAct Women
Episode: Morning Coffee 

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