I help folks become the revolutionary, liberated leaders they long to be. 


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Meet Jen Nguyen

I'm Jen, the founder and CEO of Evolve Coaching & Consulting. I believe we have incredible untapped power to change the world IF we do the work to unlearn our conditioning.  The oppression's complicated web of white supremacy, patriarchy, and urgency got in my way as a leader.  Through incredible coaching, I built a practice of deconditioning from my this complicated web (which is a lifelong endeavour), and discovered a level of joy and fulfillment that I want for others. 

As a child, I was taught that love is colorblind and have spent my adult life unlearning this falsehood.  In practice, this has taken on many forms including multiple degrees, certifications, fellowships, apprenticeships, and coaching (side note: I believe all coaches need coaches so that we also do deep inner work!). I am deeply committed to using my superpowers as a transformational coach to dismantle white supremacy and bring healing and liberation to leaders at all levels so they, in turn, can do the important work of leading transformation within their teams and organizations.  This is why I founded Evolve Coaching & Consulting.

I provide leaders with a secure, non shaming, accountable container to do the important work of unlearning social conditioning. Leaders learn to trust their bodies, to handle the flood of emotions that otherwise inhibit their growth, and come away with a deeper sense of self and possibility than they've ever had.  I see t
his work as an imperative part of dismantling white supremacy toward collective transformation and liberation.  It is the very practice of deconditioning that is revolutionary and opens the possibility for  liberatory leadership where power is redistributed and perpetual inequities can be undone.  

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"Create the change the world needs by creating the change within yourself."

- Layla F. Saad