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You don't have to stay stuck adhering to socially constructed ways of being…

Working with us will remove the the doubt so you can begin to live a life of transformation!

I am a seeker, a guide, a healer, and a leader who is continually building my own practices of unlearning the ways of my own social conditioning as a white, cisgender, “able-bodied,” woman.  


Clients find me to be an authentic and ever-evolving human who is empathic, intuitive, and who is a wise, alternative thinker who provides them with the very support they are longing for.

Jen Nguyen

Authentic, Ever-Evolving Human

Support Group

Love, Learning, Connection, and Liberation

Define success for yourself based on what is important to you

We see you...and call forward your ability to reach your highest self!

I help individuals and organizations disentangle from social conditioning that unconsciously holds  them back from living the fulfilling and spacious life we all deserve.

We create space for accountability, with no room for shame, blame or judgment,

Every session is centered with compassion, vulnerability, and love

We Use Contemplative Embodiment to Heal: Supporting embodied practice as a key lever for change and growth

Coaching for collective impact

We help you deepen your self awareness and raise your consciousness, with our customized plans. We  dismantle social conditioning to develop inclusive leaders.

Team Coaching

We work with your group to uncover individual goals that can be mutually beneficial to the group. Contact us if you want us to be part of your next team meeting. 

Organization Coaching

When you establish goals for the organization, you want to make sure everyone is one board. We will help align everyone to the same shared vision of actionable steps toward social justice. 

Transformation is possible!

When you experience transformational coaching, you will begin to reconnect with your truest and highest self.  Outside of your social conditioning, you will rediscover who you were created to be! 

With every session you will see changes that encourage you to :

  • Ground internally in self trust

  • Settle your nervous system

  • Metabolize your emotions 

  • Deepen your self awareness

  • Raise your social consciousness 

  • Find clarity and define personal success

  • Trust the wisdom of your body

All About Us

The story of Evolve Coaching and Consulting: 

Evolve Coaching and Consulting was born from a perfect storm - I was laid off from my twenty year career in educational leadership in Oakland California and the world shut down because of the pandemic just a few months later and some serious racial unrest and collective trauma ensued.  My life’s purpose and passions have always centered on building the capacity of leaders - folks who take responsibility for what matters to them - who are willing to do the deep work of transformation needed to make real progress toward social justice.  So, in the midst of this important, transformative evolution, I decided to make the leap, much to my own surprise, to open my own practice to support individual and collective healing, evolution, and transformation.  

At Evolve, I help individuals and organizations disentangle themselves from the ways that social conditioning is unconsciously holding them back from living the fulfilling and spacious life we all deserve.  I support clients to pause and re-learn how to access the wisdom of their body. I help them have difficult conversations - with themselves and with each other - so that they make conscious decisions in alignment with their values and with the life they desire.  A theme in my work is transitions - from individuals navigating important life transitions like stepping into leadership, starting their own business, or changing industries, to organizations who are scaling their business or deepening their inclusion work.