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A month-long workshop series where you'll learn protocols, content, and mindsets to support you in
leading for equity in your organization.

Make the leap to

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What is important about your identity as you step into leading this work?


What is important about your cultural context & your specific context as it relates to equity work?


What protocols & mindsets can you use to create the container for deep, impactful equity work?

Become the liberated, inclusive leader y

Who is this for?

  • You are not new to equity & racial justice work.

  • You have a foundational comfort level with talking about racial justice with family & friends.

  • You are itching for growth & to take on some level of leadership for equity & racial justice (Even if your next steps is talking about it at work!).

  • You need support & are seeking community. 

Results you can expect

Deepen your own self awareness as a foundational competency of leading for equity 

Develop a nuanced ability to name, explain, & address aspects of white conditioning & white supremacy culture  

Learn specific tools, mindsets, & protocols to support you in leading for equity in your workplace

Develop a foundational embodiment practice necessary in leading anti-racist work

Become more confident speaking about oppression, race & racism  

Learn to tolerate & metabolize big, negative emotions in a healthy & productive way

Become part of a deep, caring community where you will be supported & held accountable


$250 x 2



Session Dates & Times

Weekly Zoom sessions from 3:30pm to 5:30pm PST

on the following Tuesdays:​​​​​

  • 7/13

  • 7/27

  • 7/20

  • 8/2

Tuition & Payment Options

Tuition:  $500

Payment Options:

  • Pay in full today

  • Pay in two equal installments

About your facilitators

Meet The Team

Stacy Thomas


Jen Nguyen

Stacy and Jen met almost a decade ago as members of the founding leadership team of a new school in East Oakland, California, where they co-led the work of building a community of staff, families, and students grounded in equity.  Since then, they have continued to lead for equity by equipping leaders across sectors to recognize and address inequities, to build coalitions aligned toward racial justice, and to evaluate systems and policies to ensure equitable access and outcomes.  They are thrilled to partner again on this offering and are looking forward to sharing their own missteps, learnings, and foundational practices. 

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