Because anti-racism is a practice, and I want liberation to be white womens' collective legacy.

​​​Are you grateful for this moment of wider-spread racial awakening but struggling to find your place in it as a white leader?​​ 

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A three month cohort coaching experience for progressive white women to develop intentional practices that disrupt white supremacy culture
in themselves and in their lives.


Build a practice of noticing aspects of white supremacy conditioning. 


Metabolize the emotions that white supremacy triggers in you to access & integrate deeper insights before taking action. 


Discover your life outside the ways you've  been conditioned as we create a white, anti-racist cultural legacy.

This cohort is for you if you are a progressive white woman who...

  • has already read the books and done the things and is seeking deeper work and transformation around anti-racism

  • seeks connection with other progressive white women who are deep in this work

  • struggles to identify aspects of white supremacy culture and the ways you are upholding it 

  • seeks to raise your awareness of how white conditioning lives in you and impacts your life

  • is open to learning to leverage the wisdom of the body to metabolize emotions as they arise 

  • is ready to build a practice of interrupting white conditioning towards a more liberated life for yourself and the world  

This cohort is unique because...

  • you will be a part of a growing network of women learning anti racist practices together

  • you will no longer feel alone - you will recognize in each other common struggles that we all face as a result of white supremacy conditioning and culture

  • you will get back in touch with your body and what various sensations are trying to tell you

  • you will get workbooks with practices like an anti racist journaling practice I developed to bring aspects of white supremacy into our conscious mind so it will no longer direct our lives 

As a result of your wholehearted participation in this cohort you will...

  • become clear on your core values 

  • experience the gift of practicing in a safe space to build your muscle memory for talking about white supremacy conditioning including learning vocabulary to describe and interrupt it

  • feel empowered to speak up about white supremacy and the ways it surfaces in and impacts your life and the world 

  • rebuild trust in yourself and your body to handle emotions and discomfort

  • learn specific, transformational practices you can use to recognize when white conditioning is hijacking your values AND practices you can use to reground in your values before taking action 

  • experience the empowerment that comes when we raise our consciousness and make choices grounded in anti racism instead of defaulting to white supremacy conditioning 

This cohort is NOT: 

  • an introductory course

  • for folks who were surprised that 55% of women voted for Trump

  • for folks are newly aware of Black Lives Matter Movement or who think "all lives matter"

  • a silver bullet or a quick fix

  • a lecture where I bestow knowledge 

  • a proxy for being in deep relationship with folks of color

  • a space where we speak for folks of color

  • for folks who have no interest in journaling, sharing, reflecting, and digging deep

Hear from past participants:

  • 100%  recommend participating in this experience 

  • 100% felt they got what they paid for

  • 100% felt more confident speaking up about issues of white supremacy

  • "This is exactly what the group I have been looking for.  I didn't want this to be another group where folks around me were at a much earlier place in this work.  Instead I found a place where my own needs were met in such a way that I have grown.  This has been some of the best development around anti-racism I've ever had."

  • "I was worried that I wouldn't meet OTHERS expectations of me, and that I wouldn't be a "valuable enough" participant. I am feeling very accepted and felt very supported, I did not feel a lot of pressure to always express something profound or wise - I was given the encouragement to show up as I was and I was comfortable each session to be authentic for how I was doing at that moment."

  • "I appreciated the time to think about the conditions of white supremacy culture - specifically how urgency can be a tool that upholds white supremacy. That was powerful for me. So much of who I am as a leader has come from the sense of urgency I have for our kids. I will be sitting with this for a long time."

  • "I think my overwhelming feeling right now is of relief that I finally have some tools to notice white conditioning and white supremacy in myself, instead of just feeling tension that I knew was there but didn't know how to address. And relief that discomfort in my body isn't a bad thing to be pushed away, but just part of the process and that these strong emotions and sensations in the body hold wisdom."





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About Me

My Core Values







My coaching clients tell me they appreciate that I am a deep listener, that I see in them what they may not always be able to see in themselves, that I help them reach a greater sense of clarity and their goals.  I raise up a racial justice lense in ways that help them more deeply understand the ways they have been conditioned by white supremacy, patriarchal, capitalist culture so that they can feel empowered to define themselves on their own - outside of the ways they have been conditioned. 

They also appreciate that I bring a blend of traditional and non-traditional approaches to coaching & facilitation including doing embodiment work that allows for the processing and metabolizing of strong emotions.

I believe it is well past time for folks who benefit from white privilege to take collective responsibility for creating a legacy of love and liberation for future generations by doing the deep internal work of unlearning our conditioning.      

My own preparation for this work has taken on many forms over the course of my life.  Part of my work has been in formal settings listed below and much has been in the powerful relationships I have developed over my life with folks much deeper in the work than me.  Click the resume button for more details.  Here's a glimpse:

  • Certified Transformational Leadership Coach by Leadership That Works

  • National Equity Project Fellow

  • MS in Urban Educational Leadership 

  • 20+ years working in urban educational systems 

  • Hundreds of hours of coaching experience

  • Hundreds of hours facilitating learning around racial equity and white supremacy culture 

  • Continuous personal work - I have a coach and am also a member of several groups and masterminds where I am able to do my own deep work to unlearn my conditioning, practice racial healing, and be held accountable to continually building an anti-racist practice. I am forever grateful to the women who hold these spaces for and with me. 

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