Frequently Asked Questions


What is Transformational Coaching?

I have been trained by a few key people and programs and utilize pieces from all to inform my approach as a transformational coach.  I am certified through Leadership that Works: Coaching for Transformation, and have done significant continued learning around embodiment, mindfulness, and anti-racism.  Because coaching is an apprenticeship profession, I also work with an amazing coach, Eloiza Jorge, whose impact on me is  truly beyond words.  As a transformational coach, I help clients be more in alignment before they take action and help them leverage language to impact how they see and experience the world.  I pride myself in balancing non- traditional coaching methods for self-discovery with a very practical and research driven base so that clients experience a full range of engagement throughout our work together.   All coaching is completely confidential.


What should I expect from coaching? 

We will start with creating the conditions for our coaching relationship by establishing conscious relationship and confidentiality.  We will further exploring your vision for whatever it is you want to work on together.  This could be something as specific as managing imposter syndrome or improving your 360 feedback to something broader like living your values or exploring the contribution you want to make to this world.  Once you have clarity on your vision or purpose,  it becomes about aligning to your vision/purpose.  I will facilitate progress toward your vision, work on shifting any mindsets or limiting beliefs that are making you feel stuck, and uncover and skills you need to develop (either with me or we'll find you the right venue).  You are the driver in this process, and I am here "manage the process" by listening deeply, asking powerful questions, and leveraging specific activities that help you find alignment, clarity, and become who you want to be in this world. 


What happens during an actual coaching session? 

During a coaching session, you bring a topic you want to delve into more deeply.  It is likely connected to your goal and is something that you are feeling stuck around.  I use a series of questions, reflections, and tools to help you get un-stuck.  We move to action and work together toward the goal you have for yourself.   You are in charge and empowered to say what you need from me, and my clients often experience a sense of really being seen and validated as well as being ready to take action.  


Where do we meet and how often? 

Much of my coaching happens on the phone or over zoom (client's preference).  I am available to meet in person depending on location.  Frequency is determined by the client - 60 minutes sessions three times a month.  My minimum commitment is three months, after which time many clients choose to continue.  


What does coaching cost?

I work with clients in a variety of fields from corporate to non-profit, so I have a sliding scale.  For individuals, my sale is $225 - $400, and for organizations it is $375 -$500 per session for one-on-one coaching .   Part of investing in yourself and in coaching is making a serious financial commitment to yourself.   I ask for a six month commitment so that we have time to make headway.   Fees include the 60 minute session, 48 hour response time to emails, and articles specially selected for you.


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