My Offerings

The following applies to all offerings: 
  • 24 hr response time to email in between sessions
  • 60 minute weekly or bi-weekly sessions
  • Minimum commitment of three months
  • Customized articles, podcasts, and frameworks 
  • Accountability reminders as requested in between sessions 
  • Sliding Scale for educational and nonprofit leaders​​
  • All offerings can be tailored for individuals and groups of any size
Leading for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Together we create a safe space for you to do the necessary work of unpacking power, privilege and white supremacy culture so that you gain clarity, skills, and mindsets to achieve your goals toward a more just and equitable world.  I believe deeply that clients can solve their own problems in the company of an expert listener and with the guidance of powerful questions.  I also complement our work with my expertise in leadership, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, and historical oppression.  

Regaining Your Confidence  

This powerful package gives you the space you need to do the inner work that great leadership demands.  You will experience a decrease in overwhelm and an increase in clarity.  You will learn what is at the root of confidence and how to cultivate confidence when you need it most.  You will learn to fully embody a growth mindset. 

Improving Feedback

The first step in this package is to learn to take feedback seriously but not personally by discovering your feedback triggers.  This will allow you to effectively interpret and respond to critical feedback while maintaining your confidence and upholding your values.  In addition to learning how to improve based on feedback, you will also learn how to deliver feedback to others in more powerful ways. 

Leading Effective Teams

This package has two key results - you will become an exceptional leader of teams and your teams will become high performing.  Specific outcomes can include:

  • deepened trust

  • improved team communication

  • role clarity among team members

  • clear understanding of autonomy parameters

  • project management timeline

  • effective conflict resolution

Co-create what works for you 

If you are not quite sure what you are looking for in a coach, send me an email, and we can co-create a package that works for you.


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