Client Testimonials

I have had the great pleasure and privilege of coaching some truly amazing leaders who are making great change and impact in our world.  Some of their feedback and comments are captured below.  Because coaching is a confidential practice, all clients below remain anonymous, however, I can connect you directly with past clients if you would like to hear their perspective on my work directly.  

“Jen understands the complexity of leadership and the high stakes moments that leaders constantly navigate. Having an experienced coach in my corner to support me around strategic moves and communication has allowed me to both have a safe space to grapple with my leadership, and to show up as my best self when I most need to."   - M.A.

"Jen is there to see me through the dark and to illuminate the light. She is the one person in my professional world that pushes me as much as she lifts me up.  She is my mirror, my go-to, the place where I can speak my truth...she helps me grow so much - from leading with empathy to building effective teams and so much in between!"  - M.V. 

"I look forward to our sessions each week because I know I can let my guard down and grapple in ways I cannot in my day-to-day.  I have grown so much and am better prepared to face the work ahead."  - D.N

"Personally, Jen’s coaching helps me effectively move forward with the change management work in front of me.  And at an organizational level, we had much less turnover because of her coaching."     - S.M.


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